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Everyone has their own unique way of playing cornhole. Read below to learn CornholeATL's rules.
Highlighted parts indicate changes effective as of our winter 2024 season.

Our first and most important rule is to have fun! Like all recreational sports, everyone comes out for a good time, so please exercise sportsmanship!


The Game

A game is made up of frames wherein each team rotates tossing their team's 4 bags until all bags (8) have been tossed towards the opposite board.  At the conclusion of each frame, the score is calculated and added to the team's net total. A winner is determined when a team reaches or surpasses 21 at the conclusion of a frame.  Number of frames played varies per match.

Play Level

Please keep in mind we are a social league and gather together to meet new people and break up the week with some fun. Please register at your appropriate play level; matches ending within 15 minutes are not fun for either team.  Use the guide below to know your registration level:

  • Beginner (Accustomed to backyard cornhole; inconsistently gets bags in the hole & on the board)

  • Intermediate (Possibly hits the hole 1-2 times per four bags; more consistent with bags on the board)

  • Intermediate+ (Usually hits the hole several times per four bags; consistently gets bags on the board)

  • Advanced (Consistently gets bags in the hole per four bags, possible airmails, & can strategically play defense)

**CornholeATL has the final say on registration rankings and reserves the right to move teams from their selected registered level of play. We may not be able to field our Intermediate+ "bonus" division at some locations once registration closes. If registration numbers do not allow, Intermediate+ teams will be merged into our standard divisions.**



Each court consists of two boards spaced 27 feet apart front-to-front and two sets of 4 bags.  Boards will be measured by the league referee prior to the first scheduled game time. All boards are provided by CornholeATL.  House bags will be available for use should you opt not to provide your own.

Beginning a Match

The captains begin the match with a coin flip or playing rock, paper, scissors.  The winner determines who gets to the first throw. The home team gets to choose their side for the first game; teams may alternate sides every other game.  If your opponents want to swap sides (and it is their turn), please be accommodating to the request.  In the playoffs, the higher seeded team has those privileges.



After the first frame (See "Beginning a Match"), the team that scores the most points per frame tosses first in the next frame.  If no points are scored, the last team to score points in a frame tosses first.

Players may toss the bag overhand or underhand.

Playing Court

Players may stand anywhere to the left or right of the board but must stay on that side for the entire match.  Court area is anywhere behind the front of the board.  Teammates stand at opposite boards but must play on the same side facing one another.

Violations Resulting in Bag Being Removed from Board

Bags may be removed from board if the player crosses the foul line (see "Foul Line") before releasing the bag, the bag hits the ground and bounces onto the board, or the bag strikes an object such as a tree limb, indoor ceiling, person, etc.

Knocking Opponents Bags Off Boards

This is a risky strategy some players like to use.  It is fair game.

Pinned/stacked bags

When a bag is hanging in the hole or off the board and is touching another bag that is already in the hole or off the board, the bag that is touching the ground should be removed. If the hanging bag falls in the hole or off the board once the underneath bag is removed, it shall be scored where it ends up. If the bag stays on the board, it shall be scored as such.

Foul Line

The foul line is located at the front of the board. All players must toss from behind the foul line. If a player’s foot touches the ground on the other side of the foul line PRIOR to the bag being released from the player’s hand, that toss does not count, and they cannot toss that bag again.


The object is to be the first team to reach or surpass 21 points. Points are scored by landing a tossed bag on the board (1 point) and by having a tossed bag drop into the hole (3 points). Once all eight bags have been tossed, players calculate the points scored per team.  The team with the higher number of points is award the point difference. If a team is winning 13-0, it is considered a skunk and the leading team wins the game. Report final scores to your league referee; it is the responsibility of both teams.

Example: "Team A" scores 8 points in frame 1, and "Team B" scores 2 points in frame 1.  "Team B"'s 2 points are subtracted from "Team A"'s 8 points awarding 6 points to "Team A"'s net total.

*Have trouble keeping score? Download the Scoreholio app to ensure there are no scoring discrepancies.*


Skunks are no longer a part of CornholeATL's league play. All games must be played to 21 points unless a team forfeits the game or match.

Scoring Discrepancies

All scoring discrepancies need to be taken to the league referee immediately.  The league referee will make the final ruling on all discrepancies.  Please remember, we are out here to have fun!  At the end of the day, it is just cornhole with friends!


The first team to reach a minimum of 21 points at the end of a frame wins the game. You may go over 21 and do not have to win by 2.

Schedules and Game Time

The schedule for each week is posted on the schedule page at  Each match consists of three games with the winner taking 2 out of 3 games. Play time is 40 minutes beginning at start of the scheduled match time and includes warm-ups. Please check-in with your league referee each week when you arrive.  Referees are permitted to call the match at the 40 minutes mark and record the match as it stands at the time called.  This helps to keep our schedules running on time.

**CornholeATL reserves the right to extend or shorten the season due to rain outs - CornholeATL Weather Policy



Each season is a total of 7 weeks. Upon registration, you commit to seven weeks of cornhole played on the same day each week. We do not reschedule matches once the schedule has been posted before the season begins. Before registration closes, you may submit a scheduling request, and we will try our best to accommodate. 


If a team arrives after the 10 minute mark but before the 15 minute forfeit mark, the late team automatically begins the match down one game.  


Each match is allotted 40 minutes to play the best 2 out of 3.  A team will forfeit their match if at least two players do not show up within 15 minutes of their scheduled playing time or do not provide 24 hours notice awarding the opposing team the win. If a team shows up within the allotted 15 minutes, that team will not receive extra time to play, and must complete the match in the remaining 40 minute allocated match time.  If the best 2 out of 3 has not been determined within the scheduled timeframe, the team that showed up late will lose the remaining games in the match.


"No-Shows"/24 hour notice
A "no-show" is when you do not provide 24 hour notice that you will not make your match or do not show for your match; it will be recorded as a forfeit.  If a team "no-show" forfeits twice in one season, they will forfeit their registration and the remainder of the season. 

*Emailed RSVPs go to your team's captain, not CornholeATL.*


Not all locations are created equal. It would be near impossible to host cornhole leagues across the state if we only focused on finding the "perfect" arena. Therefore, we have worked with our league referees and venues to find the best place to set-up boards for play. While you may battle a slope, uneven ground, or overhead lighting, we promise the fun and socializing is the same across all leagues! 

Please help keep our playing arena clean of all debris by throwing away your trash once your match has concluded.

Use of personal bags

As of winter 2021, all players are allowed to bring their own bags; however, house bags will be available for use should you opt not to provide your own.  If you choose to use personal bags, you must follow the Bag Regulations (listed below).  All four bags must be the same brand and style (i.e. all four bags must be Titan Destroyers and cannot be two Titan Destroyers and two Titan Killers) .  You cannot change sets of bags in the middle of a game but may swap the full set out in between games. 

Bag regulations

All teams at all levels of play are allowed to play with personal bags. Any bags used in our leagues must meet standard regulations - no bag should be larger than 6 inches by 6 inches or weigh more than one pound (when dry).  Bags fillings can be corn, pellets, resin, etc.  Bags cannot be altered to exceed or fall below the weight limit not caused by natural elements (For example, the breaking down of filling inside corn-filled bags and bags becoming heavier from rain showers. You cannot soak bags prior to play.) 

Player Requirements and Substitutions

A minimum of 2 players (21+ years old) per team must be present to play. We recommend teams of 3 to 5 players to ensure enough players each week. You may substitute players after a frame (all bags have been tossed from one side) has concluded. No player may be a "walker" and play from both sides during one game.  If a player arrives late, they cannot substitute in the middle of a frame.  

*This is a co-ed league.  A mix of male and female players is encouraged but not required.*


Illegal Roster Substitutions

If two or more registered players are available, no non-registered substitutions are permitted. This may result in a forfeit.  All players must be 21 years of age or older.

*The last day to add a player to your roster is the Friday of week 3.*

Team Rankings

Rankings are calculated based on the total overall match wins.  A win receives 1 point and a loss receives 0 points.  The winner of the match will always receive a minimum of 2 points while the loser will receive either 0 or 1 point.



All teams at each location qualify for the playoffs!  Bracket play will occur against teams registered at your same level of play.  In order for a player to play during the playoffs, you MUST be listed as a player on the team's official CornholeATL current season roster and not have an outstanding invoice.  If your team finishes first or second in playoffs or ends the regular season undefeated (including forfeits),  you will be required to bump up to the next level (Beginner to Intermediate, Intermediate to Intermediate+, Intermediate+ to Advanced).

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