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About US

It all started nine years ago...a few years prior, I (Jeff) moved from Cincinnati to Atlanta after accepting a new job.  As happens when you move to a new city, I started missing things from home including playing cornhole.  A huge part of my Ohio culture was cornhole (after all, Ohio claims to be the sport's birthplace).  So, that's really how the concept got city and nostalgia for home.

The first season I decided to set up at John Howell Park in Downtown Atlanta.  I was excited to see how many people were interested in having a few beers and hanging out on a Tuesday night until we got RAIDED by the police.  Apparently, the neighbors weren't too excited about people drinking in the park (evidently, that's illegal) and "throwing objects." So, we reached out to Atkins Park in Virginia Highland, my, at the time, watering hole, and started CornholeATL's first official league at a private venue, and the rest is history.

We, now, have over 8,000 players in our leagues each year with 4 divisions for true beginners, casual players, and those who sink it every time and look forward to more successful seasons of cornhole.  The police raiding us in the park was the best thing that could have happened as it created a win-win-win situation for CornholeATL, our venues, and, most importantly, you--the players. Our goal is the same as it was on day one, have fun and meet new people while playing a rather easy game.  Thanks for being a part of it.

-JEFF B, Founder and Owner

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