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These are the same boards and bags we use in our leagues and tournaments WITH your custom logo and design on them! Just email us your logo and/or ideas at after you order and we can then work up a mock-up/design for you!


Natural, regulation (24" x 48") cornhole boards with your design.Boards are made from cabinet grade wood, have rope handles and hidden screws for long lasting durability.


Includes your choice of two colors of 8 all weather bags (please provide us with colors when checking out).


- Our boards are quality constructed using ACA Regulation 1/2" Cabinet Grade Plywood

- Boards have handles on the sides and fit into each other for easy carrying

- 24"x 48" (2 feet by 4 feet) with the 6" bag hole centered 9 inches from the top and 12 inches from each side.

- The play surface is framed with sturdy 2"x 4" boards and folding legs for portability. The back measures 12" off the ground and the front measures 4" off the ground.


*Items tend to ship 4-5 weeks after being ordered. We will provide you with a tracking number once shipped.*

Your Own Custom Designed Set with 8 Bags

First Set Bag Colors
Second Set Bag Colors
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